Texas Rangers: A.J. Alexy already pitching his way into the record books

A.J. Alexy‘s Texas Rangers debut last week against the Colorado Rockies was excellent. Pitching five shutout innings in your first ever big league game? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Or does it? Yeah, it does!

In his second ever big league start, the 23-year-old righty had it all working against the LA Angels in Anaheim, tossing six scoreless innings and striking out seven, while allowing just one hit and two walks.

I hope you reserved your judgments about the 2017 Yu Darvish trade, because anyone that badmouthed that deal when it was made looks pretty bad now, at least on the Texas Rangers end of things.

A.J. Alexy has been historically dominant in his first two big league starts with the Texas Rangers

In his first two big league starts, A.J. Alexy has thrown 11 scoreless innings, allowing a combined one hit and no runs. He’s the first pitcher to do that since 1893. 1893!

ERA check? 0.00!

With all due respect to Yu Darvish, he never made this kind of history while with the Texas Rangers.

Alexy has us feeling good about where the organization stands with respect to player, and more importantly, pitching development. There will be obvious bumps in the road as the league adjusts to the 23-year-old, and he will have to adjust back. But so far, it’s been smooth sailing. We can only hope this continues.

It really has been a while since the Rangers have had really good, young pitching. You probably have to go back to Derek Holland or even C.J. Wilson to find the last time Texas had a truly exciting homegrown pitching prospect.

But with A.J. Alexy and Glenn Otto serving up strong MLB debuts so far, it’s hard not to be as optimistic as ever about a future pitching staff that will eventually have the highly touted Jack Leiter and Cole Winn headlining the rotation.

So yeah, this is pretty fun. A.J. Alexy is already making history in the big leagues and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the right-hander!