14 shocking numbers and statistics from the first half of the Texas Rangers season

The Rangers have put up some astonishing team numbers over the first half of the 2023 season.
Texas Rangers v Washington Nationals
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Record in one-run games: 5-12 (.294 W-L%)

One of the most alarming and interesting statistics is the Rangers' record in one-run games. The team is currently 5-12 in one-run contests, giving them a .294 W-L%. The team hasn't played in a ton of one-run games but has unfortunately been on the losing side of things far too often. It is remarkable that the Rangers actually have a worse win, loss percentage in one-run games at this point, than they did all of last season.

The one-run losses became a sad joke for Rangers fans last year, as the club went 15-35 in one-run games giving them a .300 W-L%. It would be shocking if the Rangers don't get better in the category over the remainder of the season, but it is somewhat horrifying that their current record is 5-12.

Average with RISP: .297

One of the laughable head scratching stats this season has been the team's average with runners in scoring position (RISP). For most all of the season, it has been well north of .300 before dipping to .297 at the break. The current average is still tops in baseball. Even though they have a lineup that looks like an All-Star team, the struggling Padres are last in MLB with a .223 average with RISP.

Runs per game: 5.8

Coming in at 5.8 runs scored per game, the Rangers are tops in MLB in yet another offensive category. The number has come backward over the last several weeks but is still right on pace for the most runs scored in a season by the Rangers in franchise history.

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