Adrian Beltre's top moments for the Texas Rangers

Adrian Beltre appeared on the Hall of Fame Ballot for the first time this year. It looks likely he will get on his first ballot, so it seems like a good time to remember some of his best moments with the Rangers.
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Top Adrian Beltre moments from 2016 - 2018

2016 was another phenomenal season for Beltre. He won his fifth and final gold glove, but that was not his best moment. His best moment was a go ahead home run against the Oakland Athletics to help the Rangers clinch the AL West. It was their second division title in a row and seventh in the team's history. This clinching home run is a big deal because as most Rangers fans know, success has been limited in the franchise's history. Bringing home a division title will always be a proud moment for the Rangers.

Undoubtedly, Beltre's 3,000th hit was his top moment from the 2017 season. 3,000 hits is an exclusive club in MLB. It is often referred to as a mark reserved for truly elite hitters. Beltre is one of 33 players in MLB history to be a part of this exclusive club. He also became the first Dominican born player to achieve the feat. He was joined by Albert Pujols as the only two in that particular club the next season. If not for such an accomplishment this season, his best moment could have easily been getting ejected for moving the on-deck circle. But we will stick with the accomplishment of him getting his 3,000th hit, on a double no less.

2018 was the last season of Beltre's career. Lucky for all of us, he would retire in a Rangers uniform. His greatest moment during this season was when he became the all-time hit leader for a Non-American born player. He now sits at number 17 all-time on the hits list and is third among Non-American born players behind Albert Pujols at ninth all-time and Miguel Cabrera eight hits ahead of him at 16th all-time.

Those are just some of the highlights that Beltre gave Rangers fans during his time in Arlington. There is little doubt that there will be many of those same fans that make the trip to Cooperstown this summer and get one more thrill from #29, Adrian Beltre.

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