Texas Rangers have Justin Foscue working on first base in preparation for 2024 season

With the Texas Rangers infield pretty much locked down by the likes of Seager, Semien, Lowe, and Jung, the team is looking at different ways that they can use rookie infielder Justin Foscue in the upcoming season.
Round Rock Express infielder Justin Foscue (7) throws over Oklahoma City Dodgers infielder Michael
Round Rock Express infielder Justin Foscue (7) throws over Oklahoma City Dodgers infielder Michael / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY

In a recent interview with MLB Pipeline's Jim Callis, Texas Rangers minor leaguer Justin Foscue talked about what he was working on this offseason. Foscue was selected in the first round of the 2020 MLB draft by the Rangers out of Mississippi State University. The selection caught some people off guard as there were many players predicted to go before Foscue. Flash forward three and a half years and the soon-to-be 25-year-old is not just knocking at the door in Arlington but is in fact banging on it loudly.

When discussing his offseason, Foscue revealed that the Rangers have him working at first base and some third base. Second base is his natural position, and he did play some third base in college as well. Known for being a bat-first player, any improvement in his defensive skill set and his ability to move around the diamond will help his case for being with the big league club.

"Defensively they've got me working at first now, and third base. So obviously with the Rangers, they are loaded all around. Defensively just trying to work at different positions trying to get better at all of those. If I need to be playing first, I can go in there and play first. "

Justin Foscue

As the offseason drags on with no additional offensive signings and the loss of Mitch Garver, it is looking more and more like Foscue is going to have a legit shot at playing some DH. With him focusing on first base defense this offseason it also appears that the Rangers are grooming him to be Nathaniel Lowe's backup. Foscue's hitting abilities are not the question. Last season in 122 Triple-A games, he slashed .266/.394/.468, hit 31 doubles, four triples, 18 home runs, scored 94 runs, and drove in 84 runs, all while walking (85) more times than he struck out (70).

The Rangers need to find a way to get that bat into their lineup, and between DH and some games at first base, there should be plenty of at-bats to justify him being in Arlington. At 5'11" Foscue doesn't have the build of a first baseman, but with his athletic ability, he should be able to give Lowe some breaks and step in in case of an unforeseen injury.

There is a huge chance that Foscue makes the Opening Day roster for the Rangers. If he does, Rangers fans will be impressed at the overall baseball sense and skills that he possesses.

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