Nolan Writin World Series predictions: Texas Rangers vs Arizona Diamondbacks

Somehow the Texas Rangers are still playing and so that means more predictions from the team at Nolan Writin.

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Lorenzo Almanza

The Texas Rangers have done the impossible. After winning 68 games last season, the team is now in the World Series.Texas is riding a hot streak, as they are 8-0 on the road this postseason. The bats have been the biggest difference. Over the past two games, the Rangers scored 9 and 11 runs.

Now, Texas has their biggest challenge yet. The team will face the Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series. This season, the Rangers went 1-3 against Arizona.This will be a back and forth series, as both teams are on a roll. Arizona has had a successful postseason. The D-Backs went undefeated against the Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers. Against Philadelphia, the team got hot during the final two games.Texas will be tested with Arizona’s starting pitching. In their last game, they held the Phillies to two runs. The Rangers will need to get the bats going early if they hope to win the series.Corey Seager will the be difference maker this series. He went hot and cold against Houston. If he can get going, this will help Texas’ chances tremendously.I have the Rangers in 6. In a tough fought battle, Texas will prevail and win their first World Series title in team history.

Prediction: Texas Rangers win 4-2

Andrew Sanford

I woke up on Monday, October 23rd, with an insane notion. I didn’t embrace it, but it felt undeniable. “The Rangers are going to destroy the Astros tonight,” I thought. “It won’t even be close.” It seemed silly at the time. Surely the Astros would make this series even more nervewracking than it had already been! I didn’t trust my gut. Instead, I sat down fully prepared to watch, at best, a close game.

I was wrong. 

The Rangers defeated their AL West rivals (making the rivalry real, now more than ever). They scored 11 runs. Scherzer was a little shaky, but they played like a Championship team. I should have trusted my gut. What is my gut telling me now? It’s telling me that the Rangers will take this series by storm. All season has led to this moment. 

I could be wrong once more. The Diamondbacks have proven time and again that they belong in the postseason. They won’t be an easy challenge. Like the Rangers, their players seem fueled by everyone’s lack of faith. Still, that doesn’t change the strength of the Rangers’ lineup. It doesn’t make their rotation any less formidable. They are as ready for this moment as they can be. 

I may look back on this prediction and cringe. My excitement may be getting the best of me. I’m trusting my gut this time, and it says the Rangers are about to win big. It (probably) won’t be a sweep. The Rangers are 1-3 at home in the postseason this year (and 1-3 against Arizona). They also have an explosive lineup, a multitude of Big Game experience, and a bullpen that has found their footing at the right time. 

Prediction: Texas Rangers win 4-1

Brian Sweet

The Rangers have defied all odds and will be playing in their first World Series since 2011. A lot of media outlets had the defending World Series Champions Houston Astros winning in game 7. However, the Rangers sent a statement with their offensive onslaught and ruined their prediction.

Now that the Rangers have the media’s attention, they look to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks also defied expectations like the Rangers by eliminating the Philadelphia Phillies who were in the World Series as well last season. When you look at the regular season record between both teams, you need to take it with a grain of salt. The Rangers were 1-3 against the Diamondbacks and it does look concerning. However, the Rangers were down key players to injuries in both series this year. In conclusion, I think a fully healthy Rangers’ roster with new trade deadline additions might make this a quick series. The World Series trophy will remain in the state of Texas this year.

Prediction: Texas Rangers win 4-1