Texas Rangers: Cast an All-Star Game ballot and receive discounted tickets

Texas Rangers v Pittsburgh Pirates
Texas Rangers v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The days of going to an MLB ballpark and grabbing as many All-Star Game ballots as possible, and then punching the perforation next to your favorite players name is long gone. No more hanging chads, no more paper, no more mess. The voting for the MLB All-Star Game has been technologically driven for quite some time. And yet, I still think back to those old school paper ballots this time every year when I go to cast my votes. But I digress.

Today voting can be done from the comfort of your own home or on your mobile device. It is always great to vote for your favorite Texas Rangers, as well as top players across the league. This year, there are several deserving players from Texas' roster that not only should be considered for a roster spot, but that come July, should legitimately be an All-Star Game starter. Last week, our very own Michael Sanders took a look at four Rangers players that should be under strong consideration for a starting spot this year.

The way that the voting system works, is it allows each person with a valid email address, to be able to vote up to five times per day. Polls opened on May 31st and the first phase will conclude on Thursday, June 22nd at 11:00 CT. At that point the players with the top two vote totals at each position and the top six outfielders will advance to the second phase. That second phase will start on June 26th and run through June 29th.

Voting early and often is the key to get our beloved Rangers into the finals with a chance to start the All-Star Game. It takes some dedication and commitment to make sure to log in and cast votes. With the Rangers playing just about every day, maybe using game time as a reminder to login is a good idea. On off days, if you are like me, there is going to be a time or three or ten, during the day that I am going to be consuming or writing Rangers' content. Using that as a reminder to vote for our guys could work as well.

For taking the time to vote this year, the Texas Rangers are offering a special ticket discount for anyone that casts a ballot. Make sure and use this link in order to receive the Rangers' ticket offer. The details can be found below.

"Fans that submit at least one online ballot will receive an e-mail that includes a coupon code with a ticket offer for 25% off Outfield Pavilion, Upper Box or Upper Reserved Section seats for the June 26-29 series against the Detroit Tigers or the July 17-19 series against the Tampa Bay Rays. The offer is limited to eight (8) tickets."

Texas Rangers official press release

So not only do you need to vote for our commendable Rangers, but there is a reward for doing so. All you have to do is vote once for the ticket discount, but in order for the Rangers to be well represented in Seattle, voting every day that you can, is critical.