Texas Rangers playoff run gives top prospects important look at what future could be

The Texas Rangers had several of their top prospects on hand for Tuesday's ALDS sweep clinching win over the Baltimore Orioles. With Wyatt Langford, Jack Leiter, as well as others in attendance, they were sure to be dreaming of what might be in their not-so-distant future.
Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers
Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers / Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/GettyImages

With the Texas Rangers playing postseason baseball for the first time since 2016, this is the initial glimpse of the playoffs for many within the organization. That includes most of the team's top prospects, such as Wyatt Langford and Jack Leiter. What could a playoff run like the Rangers are on do for its young talent? That is a wonderful question, so let's take a look.

The competition to compete at the minor league level much less the major leagues is fierce and requires dedication and hard work. The young men that are coming up through the Rangers organization don't have to look for motivation to put in the effort in the offseason, however the deep playoff run that the big-league club is on will increase their drive for improvement.

At Tuesday's ALDS clinching home game, there were several of the team's top prospects on hand to witness a playoff atmosphere at Globe Life Field. No doubt there were a countless number of kids at that same game that went home dreaming of being down on that field someday and playing for the hometown Rangers in the midst of a playoff run. When Round Rock Express players Jack Leiter, Wyatt Langford, Jonathan Ornelas, Cole Winn, and Yerry Rodriguez went home that night, I bet they had the exact same dreams. But for those guys, with a great offseason and spring training, along with some breaks going their way, it could become a reality much sooner than later.

Rookies Josh Jung, Evan Carter, and Cody Bradford have no doubt added fuel to the fire for these prospects. They have played alongside these guys and know them not just as teammates but as friends. When the prospects see the kind of success that those three big leaguers are having in the playoffs, it has to fire them up. They have to be thinking that their time to shine, could be right around the corner.

Not only that, but it has to be encouraging that to an extent, they can control their own destiny. What I mean by that, is the Rangers have shown that they aren't scared to put a youngster in the mix of a tough situation as long as they have proven that they can at least handle the step previous. In the past the organization has seemed to be very protective of its prospects and has not wanted to move them too quickly through the ranks. That philosophy seems to be changing when warranted.

Aside from the excitement of the crowd and the popping of the bottles after the victory on Tuesday, the fact the Round Rock guys have been able to watch how the team is preparing for the games and the upcoming ALCS is going to pay dividends. Anytime you can learn from observation it helps. It doesn't mean that you know exactly how to do something, but the simple act of observation is powerful. And the group that the Rangers have in Arlington are as professional as they come and are sure to be giving the young guys plenty of takeaways.

There is a synergy within the Rangers organization that is running deep. Not only will the minor league players that have been hanging around benefit, but the guys that are at home working out and watching on television will as well. A winning culture is being built in Arlington and within the Rangers organization as we speak. Winning breeds more winning, and when you can get that winning train on the tracks it is difficult to stop.

With the focus on what is taking place right now, it can be difficult to think about prospects and the future. But as this group of minor leaguers comes up and makes their own impact on a future Rangers team in Arlington, we can more than likely trace some of their success back to this playoff run and them getting to witness it.

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