Texas Rangers: Top 5 Moments from the first half

The Rangers with a strong first half have had several unforgettable moments
Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers
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Grant Anderson saves the bullpen

The Texas Rangers bullpen has been inconsistent to say the least. They started off with a 20+ inning scoreless streak, then went through a stretch where they could not close out games. In late April to mid-May nearly every game the Rangers' lost was tied back to the bullpen. They were swept in Cincinnati and the bullpen played a part in each loss. The team needed someone to step up. In late May Grant Anderson was promoted from Round Rock. The 25-year old reliever was being given a shot to earn a role. He had a debut that fans will never forget and one that has kept him on the team.

He ended his night having pitched 2 2/3 innings, striking out seven Detroit Tigers, walking none, and giving up no runs. The Rangers ended up winning the game 10-6. It was like a breath of fresh air for the bullpen. The now 26-year old Anderson since then has locked down a role as one of Bruce Bochy's late-inning relievers. He is not returning to the minors anytime soon.

Honorable Mention

Corey Seager's 5-5 game against Tampa Bay.

The Rangers had the showcase series during the second weekend in the June against the league-leading Tampa Bay Rays. They lost the first game of the series 8-3. Seager made sure they would not lose the second game. He was 5-5 on the night with a home run, a double, and three singles. The Rangers won 8-4 that night as Seager put on a show for the Rays' fans.

Duran go-ahead home-run against Detroit

This one happened on Tuesday night. The Rangers were on a three-game losing streak, had been losing 2-0 earlier in the game, and were in danger of losing their fourth straight game. 2nd-year sensation Ezequiel Duran made sure that was not going to happen. He hit a solo home run in the eighth inning that opened up the floodgates. The at-bat was detailed back in this article. His home run got it all started and saved the Rangers from another loss.

The Rangers now enter the final 81 games that will be full of challenges as this team tries to do something they have not done since 2016, have a winning record and make the playoffs. There will be twists and turns as the team makes its way through the dog days of summer and into the pennant race. When we get done with the season hopefully there are many more unforgettable moments that will be added to the end-of-season list.