With yet another starting pitcher off the board the Texas Rangers need to take action

After watching several starting pitchers sign over the last week, it is time for the Texas Rangers to claim theirs.
Oct 10, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Sonny Gray (54) pitches
Oct 10, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Sonny Gray (54) pitches / Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

First it was Aaron Nola, and now it is Sonny Gray. Two of the top free agent starting pitchers have signed on with their new teams, but neither of those clubs are the Texas Rangers. There have also been several other lesser deals that have been done over the last week or so and the Rangers have been a part of none of those as well.

Obviously, there are talks going with multiple pitchers, but as more and more sign elsewhere, the price of inking the ones that GM Chris Young wants to get will be going up. It is a supply and demand thing, and with two of the top four free agent starting pitchers gone, the sites are set on resigning Jordan Montgomery or binging in the NL CY Young award-winning Blake Snell.

Gray's new deal with the Cardinals is for three years and $75 million. The deal that Nola got with the Phillies was seven years and $172 million. Gray is the oldest at 34-years-old and Nola is slightly the youngest at 30-years -old. Both Montgomery and Snell will turn 31 in December, are both lefthanded, and should end up receiving very similar deals. It is believed that the Rangers are in on Montgomery, but a pivot to Snell could happen depending on how negotiations are progressing.

With Winter Meetings next week the Texas Rangers need to act

The Winter Meetings are next week, and it is likely that there will be more action both leading up to and during the meetings in Nashville. Rangers fans trust Young and his leadership, but it is still hard to sit back and see several players go off the board and we still haven't made a move. The moves will be coming soon, but the pressure to grab a top free agent starter when there are only two left is mounting.

Some breaking news of a Montgomery reunion or a Snell signing would make for a happy Christmas for Rangers fans as we continue to celebrate the organizations first World Series title. There are a lot of moving parts going on behind the scenes, and it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. Until a signing happens, we will sit here patiently and hope that we don't miss out on all of the top arms.

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