Tim Bogar Will Not Return as Texas Rangers Bench Coach


Tim Bogar will not return as Texas Rangers bench coach next season.

According to other tweets Jon Daniels and Jeff Banister met with Tim Bogar, but ultimately decided to “go in another direction.” Which, seems to be the standard when the club parts ways with someone. Also, it was said that Bogar was offered another position with the Texas Rangers, just not a coaching position.

Tim Bogar served as the Texas Rangers interim manager for the last 22 games of the season. Before being named interim manager, Bogar was in his first season as the Rangers bench coach.

With Bogar declining to return as the bench coach, Jeff Banister is now able to fill the position with someone of his own choosing. He could call upon Kevin Cash, or Steve Buechele could be called up to fill the position.

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Hitting coach Dave Magadan interviewed with both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets, however, the Yankees have decided to go with another candidate. Which, means Magadan’s return is still unknown.

It’s unfortunate that Tim Bogar has decided to not return, but completely understandable. I can’t imagine ending the season 14-7 as the interim manager, and thinking you have the upperhand for the open position and not getting the job.

I wish Bogar the best of luck and hope he finds a position that he will be happy with.