FOX Sports in Talks to Stream Rangers Games to Your iPad


One of the biggest pains in the butt about living in the Metroplex is the fact that MLB’s streaming TV package, MLB.TV will get you every game except the Rangers. The infamous every-out-of-market-game clause blacks out the local team. Wanna watch the Marlins take on the Royals in KC, or the Yanks and Mets from the Bronx? No problemo. But watch the Rangers from an office building across I-30 from the Ballpark? Not happening. However, according to Forbes online sports media guru Maury Brown, that ice might be thawing.

For years, the MLB Advanced Media group has hosted one of the best suites of streaming and digital programming apps in all of media, not just the sports world. For everything thing he did wrong, former Commissioner Bid Selig created MLBAM and it has become the gold standard of how to put your broadcast product on the web.

Except for the home team fans.

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We have traditionally gotten screwed. It’s not as bad in DFW as in Los Angeles where Dodger fans can hardly get the National League team on cable television much less on their iPad. Baseball seems bent on stopping people from seeing the games on TV in the misguided belief that the ballpark experience will not be enough to bring in fans if they can watch the game anywhere they want.

But new Commish Rob Manfred seems to have made it a priority to get home market streaming done and according to Forbes, the talks are actually moving. At least with FOX Sports Regionals and that is good news if you happen to get the Ranger games through a cable or satellite FOX channel and have any desire to watch the game untethered from your TV.

If this miracle comes to pass, you’ll be able to sit by the pool with your iPad, stand in line at the grocery store with your phone, or crack open your laptop in that meeting and not miss an inning.

This, my friends, is what unlimited data plans were made for. Let us hope.

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