Spring training: Some quick thoughts


Spring training is finally here! Now it’s time for the Texas Rangers to start a new season. And thank goodness…this season couldn’t get here quick enough.

Spring training is one of my favorite times of the year. No matter how bad last season was spring training always brings a clean slate for every team. This season it seems like the Rangers are entering camp a bit more ready and focused.

Players like Yu Darvish are already working hard during their practice sessions. Early reports say that Darvish is going out there pitching well and not holding much back.

Position players are starting to show up already to camp. Elvis Andrus is at camp already, which I hope is a sign he’s ready to play and is more prepared for spring training than he was last year.

As much optimism as I have for this upcoming season, some don’t see it that way. Many people don’t think the Texas Rangers will do well this season. The odds makers in Las Vegas only have the Texas Rangers winning about 77 games this season, which is only 10 more than they won last season. To me, it would almost be a sure thing to bet that the Rangers will win more than 77 games. They are starting a new season healthy and ready to go. Last season they were plagued with record injuries, several of which were season ending injuries. In my opinion players like Prince Fielder, Shin-Soo Choo and Elvis Andrus are going to show a lot of improvement this season.  

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Baseball is finally back and it’s time for the Texas Rangers to prove to everyone that they are still a great team. Last year they finished last, but only because the talent they had was injured. One more thing that will help the Rangers a lot this season is their new manager Jeff Banister. I think he’s going to bring a new voice to the clubhouse and an amazing positive attitude. One thing so far this season I have loved watching are the new Rangers commercials with him and his motto Never Ever Quit. That’s just what this team needs. Not that they quit last season, but that’s the exact attitude they’ll need when everyone is already saying they’ll finish near the bottom. I think Banister will do his best to keep the team motivated and pointed in the right direction….a playoff run.

Now that spring training has started…now it’s time to play some baseball. Let’s go Rangers!

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