Cody Bradford might be the next Jordan Montgomery for the Texas Rangers

Cody Bradford started this season with an outstanding performance against the Houston Astros the other night. Fans have been questioning why the organization didn't bring back Jordan Montgomery.

Could it be that Cody Bradford is the next Montgomery?

Apr 5, 2024; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers starting pitcher Cody Bradford (61) pitches
Apr 5, 2024; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers starting pitcher Cody Bradford (61) pitches / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers are off to a great start defending their World Series title. There might have been a hiccup when the banner was unveiled on Opening Day, but other than that, it's been mostly smooth sailing, despite a surprising amount of injuries. One thing that keeps getting brought up, amid all the relative joy, is why the Rangers didn't re-sign Jordan Montgomery to a new contract to aid in their title defense.

He was one of the key players that helped the Rangers win the World Series, after all. But because the Rangers' TV contract was in limbo due to the Bally Sports bankruptcy and Montgomery's contract demands conflicted with their budget, Texas moved on from him and focused on cheaper players.

Cody Bradford knows he probably won't be in the starting rotation once Max Scherzer, Jacob deGrom and Tyler Mahle return to action. However, after his latest start against the Houston Astros, he might yet become the "homegrown" Montgomery the Rangers need.

Rangers' Cody Bradford could be homegrown Jordan Montgomery replacement

Bradford pitched seven innings against the Astros and only allowed two hits, one earned run, and seven strikeouts. He looked just as calm and collected as Montgomery was in the playoffs last season. He even had his command down and didn't get flustered if his pitch missed the strike zone.

Bradford and Montgomery have very similar arsenals and approaches. Both pitchers like to throw four-seamers, changeups, curveballs, and cutters. The Rangers might truly have a younger version of Montgomery on their roster. With some more starts until the starting rotation gets healthy, Bradford can show the Rangers he can handle being a starting pitcher in this league.

In conclusion, the Rangers were right to move on from Montgomery this past offseason. He asked for too much money, and the Rangers have some stellar pitching prospects in the minor leagues. Jack Leiter, Kumar Rocker, and Brock Porter could be in Arlington in the next few years to supplement Bradford.

Bradford is a member of that new wave of homegrown pitchers the Rangers have developed. The Rangers have a younger version of Montgomery on their roster, and one who has a long career ahead of him. What a great time it is to be a Rangers fan watching all this young talent make their way up to Arlington and contribute at the big-league level.